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Lead Snap Marketing is committed to bringing you the highest quality mortgage leads at a volume that other lead vendors cannot match. Not only do we surpass all other mortgage lead vendors in quality and volume, but we monitor and maximize the best fit for you; the client, by utilizing filters to customize leads to fit your needs. Whether your company is big or small we will ensure the highest Return On your Investment.  Our motto at Lead Snap Marketing Marketing is complete client satisfaction; we rely on long term client relationships. We do not rely on contracts, rather on our superior service to our clients. We generate leads in 48 states including New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Florida, North Carolina, Texas and more. 


Our Exclusive Real Time and Semi Exclusive Real Time Leads are generated using organic Search Engine Optimization techniques.  This ensures that you; our client receive the highest quality Real Time Mortgage leads.  Our lead delivery system is utilized so that our clients receive leads within seconds from when the potential borrower's apply.  We offer all our clients a Lead Delivery Management web based system that has the most up to date cutting edge technology; and it’s absolutely free for all our internet lead clients.


Our low cost Aged Data Leads offer the same quality as our Real Time Leads, with the best marketing value on the Internet.
Aged Data leads are available for you after the 4 day exclusive
period has expired. Because leads come through our system with ever changing demands that might not meet our existing customer’s filters.  Therefore quality and viable leads can be left unsold. This does not diminish the consumer's needs, in fact, just the opposite; the consumer is anxiously waiting to discuss their needs with a qualified broker. Save overhead with low prices while receiving the same great quality leads. We also offer Trigger Data, Credit Data, and Compiled Data, obtained using the same methods.


*Exclusive Leads are guaranteed to be yours and yours only for 4 days.

*Semi-Exclusive may have been sold to one other broker.

*Lead Snap Marketing reserves the right to sell Exclusive and Semi-Exclusive leads after the 4 day exclusive time period expires.

Real Time Internet Leads
Sold maximum of two times as a real time
Quantity Incomplete Long Form Completed Long Form
50 $13.00 $18.00
100 $12.00 $17.00
300 $10.00 $15.00
   400 + $9.00 $14.00
Filter Options: Loan Amount  • Credit Grade  • LTV  • Property Type
Aged Internet Leads
Only sold once as aged
Quantity 2-7 8-14 15-30 31-60 61+
175 $7.50 $6.50 --- --- ---
250 $7.00 $5.50 $4.75 --- ---
500 $6.50 $5.25 $4.50 $2.50 $1.50
   750 + $6.00 $5.00 $4.00 $2.00 $1.00
Filter Options: Loan Amount  • Credit Grade  • LTV  • Property Type
Reverse Internet Leads
Quantity Incomplete Long Form Completed Long Form
50 $15.00 $19.00
100 $13.00 $18.00
   150 + $12.00 $17.00
Filter Options: Loan Amount  • Credit Grade  • LTV  • Property Type



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